Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Dog's Life - a short fairy tale.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young girl named Sheila. She was a nice, warm hearted person. She did well in her studies, and loved her family (its a fairy tale you see). Apart from this she also loved dogs. Pet dogs.

She had many pet dogs. Rocky, Andy, Sandy.. of different breeds.. make them anything you want.. except German Shepherd..coz at the end of the story the dog-hero is going to be a German Shepherd.

Now.. as it was, the dogs talked to her (animals talk in fairy tales, dumbo), and lost their hearts to her. She called me up one day.

Me: Hey Sheila, whats up baby?

Shiela: Everything is just fine. What about you?

Me: I am rockin! But you dont sound so cool..what happened?

Sheila: uhh.. nothing...nothing at all.. what are you upto these days?

Me: Hey, I am street dog baby, you cant lie to me.. or evade me either.. c'mon.. speak up..

Sheila: uhh.. nothing..

Me: Any of your pet dogs proposed to you..?

Sheila: Yeah.. actually.. Andy..

Me: he he.. I knew. That dog!

Sheila: Ohh dont call him a dog! Thats so rude! He is my friend..!

Me: Yeah I know.. friend..

Sheila: No seriously, he has done so much for me.. he is always eager to help me.. stays with me when I go somewhere, gets my work done, protects me from the street dogs.. never gets angry on me even if I scold him.

Me: Yeah.. nice pet.

Sheila: No.. nice friend... u fiend!. I also take good care of him.. and help him when he wants it.

Me: Hehe.. so whats the problem? Why dont you kiss him? He'll turn into a handsome prince.. maybe.

Sheila: Ohh come on.. you know I have always seen him as a good friend.. I cant think of him that way..

Me: Yeah I see.. poor dog

Sheila: He is not a dog!!.. I mean dont call him a dog. He is so sweet. You mind your language.

Me: Ok ok relax.. keep him giving pats on the back.. he'll always remain loyal.. thats the way dogs.. oops.. good friends are.. I know him.. nice..uhhmm..nice being.

Sheila: Yeah.

Thats was the end of our conversation. Then one fine day I heard a German Shepherd (remember the hero I mentioned) met Sheila.. he was bold.. and fast.. he made an aquaintance with her.. didnt waste much time.. and kissed her. Shiela turned into a beautiful female dog. And they lived happily ever after.


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